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By November 27, 2014 August 13th, 2019 Human Resource, Payroll
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The processing of salaries is one of the most crucial processes in the operations across all the organizations, small or medium scale enterprises, attaching due importance to HR productivity and efficacy. This attention is given not just because there is a high risk of error, but because errors in the salary processing may translate to decreased employee satisfaction and in turn high attrition rates.

Considering such wide-ranging impacts at the workplace, it is better to switch to online salary software, which can take care of the manual calculation errors, enable faster salary processing, ensure high employee morale, save unnecessary processing time, and provide a boost to employee productivity.

We, at Brio, offer Perk online Payroll Software — Salary software for businesses that need to integrate the various aspects of payroll processing such as:

Feature of Salary software – Perk online Payroll software

  • Our salary software can help classify the salary into salary heads such as earnings, deductions and so on. This can bring in more clarity and transparency in the salary processing. All this is possible with a single click of the mouse saving a lot of productive time of the employees.
  • You can create multiple salary structures with our payroll software. This provides a lot of flexibility in handling the varied requirements of the different types of employers from the salary software.
  • With our flexible payroll formula builder, you can compute your employees’ salaries within minutes, instead of days.
  • A provision to account for the rounding-off rules for the different salary items acts to eliminate all sorts of confusions.
  • Our salary software also takes into consideration the ad-hoc earnings or deductions for a particular month before the calculation of the final salary without the need to manually enter every detail.
  • Perk online software also provides for advance earning and deductions to manage future payments and deductions of your employees and integrates the calculations with the salary processing.
  • With so many advanced features in salary software India, processing the payroll is possible with just a few clicks.
  • It is possible to generate payroll based on time cards and leave cards.
  • Perk payroll helps generate salary disbursement statements and bank advices to credit employee’s salary.
  • The software makes accurate Provident fund, ESI, PT, TDS and other deductions as our payroll software handles all statutory deductions automatically.
  • Employees can access their pay slips once generated, thus saving printing cost and efforts to email pay slips. This gives a greater sense of psychological credibility to the employees about their organization.
  • You can also add new data or perform bulk updates using Microsoft Excel so that the data is imported directly into the online salary software at the click of a mouse. This minimizes any sort of manual data entry, automatically minimizing the risk of errors and speeding up the process.
  • You can include a variety of parameters for MIS reporting to make the online payroll software suit the specific needs of your company.
  • Brio’s Perk online payroll software gives you the option of customizable pay slips in terms of both content and appearance. You can email these payslips to your employees who can download and print them if they want.