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Build your workflows on cloud – from the very start. Enhance productivity, optimize efficiency with cloud based solutions built from ground up.


Migrate existing systems to a cloud platform. Make your employees & customers happy while saving time, money and effort.


Be agile but also scalable and robust. Give your employees and business wings to grow – faster & better – for long-term gains.

Let’s talk and figure out

What to Move

What needs to go in cloud? Applications, processes or infrastructure we help you set the priority


How to move to cloud?
Get on cloud with us with minimum fuss, loss of time and productivity.


Which cloud to move?
We identify the right mix of Hybrid and public cloud for your business.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Advisory Services

We analyse & understand your current IT environment and assess the cloud readiness of your business applications. Help you identify the right public cloud & services for your applications to help you minimise your cost and efforts to run your business applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services enables your IT team scale your infrastructure in a jiffy. Leveraging on demand infrastructure your IT team can provision all the IT infra needs to execute your business ideas in no time. Cloud Infrastructure can get rid of CAPEX and makes its predictable OPEX

Cloud Migration Services

Whether you want to move your business application from on-premise to cloud or from one public cloud to another. We can partner with you to identify which of your business applications can be moved and to which cloud. Paving the way for your business success today and for tomorrow.

Cloud management services

cloud infrastructure thrusts upon a huge list of operational challenges. Let us fully manage the monitoring, backups, DR, deployments, security and DevOps minimizing the risk to your business. Leaving you ample time to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Application Development for cloud

We can convert your business ideas to reality. Design & develop web or mobile applications based on microservices which run in response to events on serverless environment, auto-scale for you, and only charge you when they run. Lowering cost and enabling you to build more logic, faster.

Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning

Data is the new fuel for your business. More insights and action point with less administration. Analyze petabytes of data without a need of database administrators. Use pre-trained machine learning models or build your own models to take your business to new heights.

Things you can do on cloud

Run Business Applications

Move your business critical business applications to cloud and bring more agility, scalability, accessibility & security to your business.

  • Websites, Web & Mobile Applications
  • ERP, CRM, HRMS, Email Servers
  • Files & storage, Databases
  • CAD or any other software

Business continuity & Disaster Recovery

Keep your business running and make your Apps available when you need them. Protect your data and avoid costly business interruptions.

  • Real time replicas of your applications
  • Restore applications and files in no time
  • Retain files & data for legal requirements
  • Scale up & down when you need.

Big Data & Analytics

Make data driven decision in real time bringing together all of the data you need. Capture, store & analyze data with more scalability & security.

  • Spark & Hadoop in cloud
  • Fully managed services for ETL, Batch & Continuous computation
  • Fast queries on petabyte scale data
  • Pay as you go

Internet of Things – IoT

Connect devices, assets & sensors, capture data, get insights & take action without worrying about infrastructure and maintenance.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Safety & security
  • Smart & efficient work


Focus on creativity not infrastructure. Deliver high quality content to your customers anywhere anytime with higher speeds and security.

  • Rendering, Media Archival
  • Video Transcoding & Editing
  • Live Streaming & Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Lower latency and higher speed with CDN


Innovate more and save time by pushing your application lifecycle on cloud. Bring together people, product and processes.

  • Build & test code, automate deployment
  • Release & Iterate your product quickly
  • Get world class monitoring tools
  • Fewer tickets and more satisfied customers


Build, launch and scale your cross platform game. Deliver a shared gaming experience for users across the globe.

  • Develop with technologies of your choice
  • Sync game state in real time across different device platforms
  • Personalize with real time insights
  • Scale up globally in no time
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