Reason #1: Premium Support – whenever you log a ticket with google cloud we understand what your application landscape is and you also understand who the partner is working on this so that we give you the right kind of RCA to troubleshoot your problem in a quick amount of time. It’s more of context-aware support.

Reason #2: SAP Certified, Joint support – We have been jointly working and certifying one of the largest virtual machines for running your complex SAP applications. We’ve 12 TB VM for SAP, especially for memory-intensive applications like SAP S/4HANA

Reason #3: SAP Integrated Support – A joint collaboration to complement SAP support tiers. We take care of incident management, the war room, the escalation, the TAM (Technical Account Manager). Partners like Brio help you get started and at each step in the journey of transformation.

Reason #4: Enterprise Availability – We talk SAP and we understand that SAP is the backbone for many companies. As a result, we give you all the options from SAP, whether reusing the SAP tools for SAP landscape or even from google which are certified by SAP

Reason #5: 75+ Regulatory Certification & BYO Database – GCP adheres to every industry challenge. Also, you can innovate without transforming from ECC to S4 without bringing on all legacy based addresses.

Reason #6: Upgrade in weeks, not months – A lot of automation templates are at your service to get quickly upgraded or get started for greenfield or migration

Reason #7: Sub-millisecond, secure, Google-owned network – Once the data enters the premium network it doesn’t hop over different ISP like normal cloud vendors as a result the latency is typically reduced

Reason #8: Grow Flexibility with large VM headroom – 100% VM infrastructure agility with committed use discounts; 12TB HANA VMs in production.

Reason #9: Save millions in reduced downtime – With live migration, near-zero downtime VM maintenance, where migration happens without any manual intervention from you as a customer.

Reason #10: Cut the time & cost to drive insights from data – up to 34% lower TCO with BQ, No ops, highly scalable, SAP & Google cloud-integrated solutions. Here is our Price Innovation for you:

  • Per second billing
  • Sustained-use discounts
  • Custom machine types
  • Rightsizing
  • Committed-use discounts
  • Preemptible machines