Time and attendance software or Online attendance software

By August 31, 2014 August 9th, 2019 Employee Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll

Can a Time and Attendance Software or Online Attendance Software help companies grow?

Online Attendance Software

It is a well-known fact that if employers get to focus on their core businesses, it can translate to a huge profits for their company. This is probably the reason why many companies employ effective and efficient means for time and attendance management. A mature time and attendance software or online attendance software enables efficient processing and enhanced focus on their core competencies.

Payroll processing can get complex and complicated at times, especially for companies with a large employee base and many employment modes such as part-time, hourly-paid basis, contractual or temporary employment, work-from-home mode, and the regular full-time employment.

In such a scenario, online attendance software can mean reduced financial and administrative costs and in turn, increased productivity. All the features of the Perk payroll for online time and attendance management can take care of all the needs of time keeping and attendance management of the diverse workforce.

Companies using online time and attendance software such as Perk Payroll can easily avoid the delays and errors in consolidation of payroll data of employees working from multiple locations. With employee leaves having been integrated with their time cards, the last minute rush to compile the data needed to generate payroll can be said to be a thing of the past. So, errors in payroll can be eliminated as an added benefit of time and attendance software.

With different organizations using different tools to record the attendance of their employees, capturing the attendance accurately can be a major problem for employers. Using Perk’s  online attendance software can make it easy to import attendance records from the various possible options such as attendance registers, biometric or RFID time recorders and door access control or software.

With Perk online payroll, you can enjoy the benefit of multiple ways to capture the attendance of your employees because it enables you to:

  • Import attendance from Microsoft Excel

  • Get your time recorders and door access controls integrated

  • Update the attendance data easily using bulk attendance updating tools

  • Use online forms to capture check in and check out of your employees

Perk payroll also empowers you to use any of the various alternatives of recording attendance according to the varying functions of different job roles. While it may be necessary to record the Daily Check In / Check out Timings for administration personnel, employees of the marketing department can only be marked with present or absent. The monthly attendance like number of days present, absent, holidays, and leaves of all the employees at all the geographical locations can be calculated easily using the online attendance software.

Moreover, recording the early, late, short hours, and overtime of the employees becomes important for their suitable compensation, motivation, and employee self-assessment, especially at the time of performance appraisal.

So it is no secret that a company can save a lot of money, time, effort, and can make the management of employee leave all the more easier, simply by switching over to an efficient and effective online time and attendance software.