Social Media – A Savior of your Small Business?

By April 10, 2014 January 31st, 2018 Business, Marketing

Social media is a buzz word which is being tossed around in the business circle as the latest marketing technology and rightly so.

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if you have ignored this medium till now and continued to tread the traditional way, it is time for you to wake up to this platform and include it in your business marketing strategy. Most people won’t disagree that social media can give your business the boost it needs for a better growth and performance.

Here are some general advantages that social media provides to the marketing strategy of a business:

1. Connects you with users, directly: Through social media, you can directly engage with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. It gives you the platform for direct interaction with the users and enhances your visibility.

2. Personalizes Marketing: Social media can give a personalized touch to your marketing .You can create relationship with users who would have not otherwise used your product or have not been aware of it. You can make people aware of your product in a more conversational way.

3. Facilitates Direct feedback mechanism: It opens up the process of direct feedback. Existing customers or users can voice their views and opinions about your product. It is a good way to gauge your product’s performance and popularity as social media users can directly respond to your interactions.

4. Enables forming communities and groups: Your business enthusiasts and loyal customers can have the chance to form communities and groups to talk about your products and share their views on it. These groups, communities can keep the users updated with your latest recent developments, offers, and products.

5. Great Opportunities: Offers opportunities and exposure to your company and also spreads the word about your presence in the business world.

The above list is not exhaustive but is surely indicative of various advantages of employing social media in your marketing plans. Staying with the current trends in terms of development and technology is an important rule for success in business. Today’s technologies offer you to interact with your customers in many ways. More and more companies of all sizes are grasping the social media platform for this very reason.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube and other free social media platforms can provide you with the best marketing and advertising strategies. If used innovatively, they can make you popular with the users and give a speedy visibility to potential consumers. It is a good alternative to traditional way of interacting with consumers through TV, radio or print media. This is the new way to communicate and establish rewarding relationships with the consumer market.

Use the social media innovatively : Create interesting posts and interactive platforms. Make sure your content is not only informative but also captivating and appealing. Fathom your consumer’s reaction and channelize your action in the same manner. Provide your consumers with tips and fun facts. Add pictures, share useful reference articles, and include hashtags, for example #SocialMediaHelps. Do not just promote your business, promote your area of expertise as well. In other words, show that you are an expert in what you do through your posts and other interactions. This will give you the edge and earn the respect of your followers who might be you prospects or consumers.

Use your social media pages for sharing information and making conversation. Answer the queries of your customers, this will make you not only visible but also available for them and ensure them of good customer services.

Creativity plus technology can take you far in business. Social media can be adapted to the needs of your business and you can mould it to your advantage. It is definitely the modern marketing technique and has proved to be very fruitful as well, if channelized wisely.