Online Payroll vs Desktop Payroll vs Microsoft Excel Payroll / spreadsheet payroll

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Online Payroll vs Desktop Payroll vs Microsoft Excel Payroll / spreadsheet payroll

Payroll Comparision
Today businesses are in dilemma over the tool they should be using for their payroll. Its Online Payroll Vs Desktop payroll Vs Microsoft Excel Payroll / Spreadsheet Payroll. Traditional methods of maintaining payroll, attendance and employee information are tiring, time taking and confusing. Small and medium businesses often go for Microsoft Excel-based payroll or spreadsheet payroll, while those who are looking for more advanced solutions prefer desktop payroll software. However, both these options come with a number of limitations and may not offer you all that you are looking for. Online payroll software is the most efficient way to take care of all your payroll needs.

1. Installation, upgrades and maintenance
Desktop payroll software as well as Microsoft Excel payroll needs to be installed. Unfortunately, the trouble does not end there. Both of these payroll solutions require manual upgrades and need regular maintenance. On the other hand you do not have to waste your time on installation in case of Perk Online Payroll Software. You will not have to worry about upgrading as Perk Payroll Online software doesn’t need to be upgraded manually. This efficient payroll solution does not require regular maintenance.

2. Security and data backup
One of the main concerns raised by every user is regarding the safety of the data. Microsoft Excel payroll has the lowest security level whereas the security level of desktop payroll software is average. Online payroll software offers high security level to make sure your valuable data is secured.

In case of Perk Online Payroll Software, Brio, the payroll application vendor is responsible for data backups. This advantage is not available in the other two payroll options where the user is responsible for data backups.

3. Accessibility
Online payroll software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. In case you want to access desktop payroll software or Microsoft Excel payroll on web, you will have to take the help of a virtualized software.

Perk payroll online software offers you Employee Self-Service (ESS) through which your employees may access the data whenever they want. ESS may help improve collaboration in the organization. Employee Self-service feature is restricted in Desktop based payroll. In case of Microsoft Excel payroll, this feature is not possible.

Multi user feature is available in online payroll software whereas it is restricted in Microsoft Excel payroll as well as desktop payroll software.

4. Price
Online payroll software comes for a reasonable price. Unlike desktop payroll software where you need to pay upfront, Perk Online Payroll Software offers you the option to pay as you use.

Online payroll software has an upper hand over the other two payroll options almost in every category. Unlike Microsoft Excel payroll, there is hardly any room for copy paste errors and clerical errors in case of online payroll software as well as desktop payroll software. Online payroll software is simple, easy to use, extremely efficient, and worth every penny you spend on it. It is an advance solution which overcomes all the limitations of Desktop Payroll software as well as Microsoft Excel Payroll.