Online leave management makes leave policy implemention easy

By February 20, 2014 October 5th, 2015 Business, Human Resource, Leave Management

The leave policy of a company recognizes the importance of balance between the work and personal life of all the employees for their emotional and psychological well-being. Devising a balanced leave policy is necessary for companies to fulfill their responsibility towards the society at large and to help employees meet their personal needs.

The task of maintaining the leave records of the employees and making them available at the time of updating leave records and salary calculations becomes very cumbersome. The traditional leave management systems—involving paperwork and simultaneous maintenance of records in an excel file—are both time consuming and complicated.

Leave management is connected with various processes related to an employee such as:

  • Payroll processing
  • Employee record management
  • Attendance management
  • Reimbursement claims
  • Reporting


There has always been a need for efficient and error-free systems, which is not always possible to achieve through manual processes. This creates the need for an efficient and reliable online leave management software which can be accessible to all those concerned with an employee’s leave approval, payroll development, and overall performance evaluation.

Online leave management systems helps to automate and streamline employee attendance and time-off management. The use of a clear and transparent system wherein you can set up leave policies, define holiday calendars, check leave balances, and track records for year-end processing, can help you add credibility to your organization.

An online leave management system enables employees to easily check their leave balances and apply for leaves online from anywhere. The leave applications can be forwarded to the concerned departments and the authorized approvers responsible for approving leaves. Online leave management systems also provide email notifications to the concerned staff for easy tracking of applications and the process of leave approval/disapproval.

The employee leave management system that a company uses, should have the flexibility to accommodate different types and number of leaves allowed under various categories such as privilege leave, sick leave, or casual leave, to name a few. The system should also make accommodations based on the governing rules and laws across all the states and countries where the offices of the company are situated. In the same way, for holidays that do not fall on a fixed date or are subject to the sighting of the moon, there should be a provision for the adaptation in the online leave management system accordingly.

In such cases, online leave management systems can prove helpful by tracking and managing information of all the people at work. For companies who have offices in multiple cities, across the country, some online leave management systems also provide the provision of multiple calendar integration, which can help to accommodate the region-specific holidays and work policies specified by the local laws governing them.

The consolidation of the employee records of a company is very important as human resource is the most valuable resource for all organizations. Employee information systems and its management becomes a matter of concern for all companies. Under such circumstances, if the online management systems integrate personnel management with leave management, it serves as an added asset. Most online leave management systems also offer to manage your users with a great deal of flexibility and allow to control what information these users can access.

The presence of such online leave management systems that incorporate all the above mentioned aspects and adaptations—complying with the company policies, governing rules and regional factors—makes it easy to implement the leave policy of the company in a very clearly demarcated and transparent way.