How Google Apps for Work is helping Brio grow?

By May 19, 2015 October 5th, 2015 Business, Cloud Computing, Google Apps

Google Apps for Work is one of the most prominent suites of cloud computing tools which are used by over 5 million organizations across the globe. It features multiple tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and sheets, Google sites which help in increasing the efficiency of the organization.

The cloud computing trend is fast picking up with more and more organizations switching to it instead of using traditional methods of creating, storing and sharing information. The option of adopting cloud computing is no longer limited to large corporations and is used by organizations of all sizes. Doing away with the need of in-house Hi-tech servers, cloud computing tools enable the organization to work efficiently even without the need of the team being present at a single location.

Cloud computing solutions are cost effective since these can be rented on pay-per-use basis. This is one of the main features that make it suitable for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Other than this, Cloud Computing tools are highly secure, too.

Cloud-based solutions offer an alternative to storing sensitive data on vulnerable devices. Data stored on cloud will be securely protected and can still be accessed even if a device or computing terminal is not functional. It can be accessed from any browser securely.

At Brio, Google Apps for Work has helped us to collaborate and communicate better with team members as well as clients. Our teams have found that communication and sharing has become much easier with Google Apps for Work. Google Apps have allowed us to share data with employees, contractors and third parties by simply giving them access to the same files. The changes made in the documents can be tracked and viewed by all those with whom they have been shared. This eliminates the need to send multiple emails which may lead to confusion and clogging of inboxes.

Using Google Apps for Work has also enabled us to be flexible in our work practices. Our team members can now access important data from any location and any device thus ensuring that the business operations are smoother. Google Apps for Work gives our team the ability to be productive from anywhere.

These cloud computing apps also ensure the security of our valuable data as Google like any other reliable and leading cloud-services provider largely invests in physical and process-based security which it offers to the customers.

We use Google Sites as another tool to help people create and edit web pages. It allows the users to build sites, upload content, and control access permissions. The tool provides us with meaningful dashboards and has kept us focused. It is used to build company intranets, project sites and public-facing sites.

Most tools on Google Apps come with online editors that can be used for creating text documents or document file formats, surveys, presentations and spreadsheets. The tools allow sharing of documents while they can be commented on and collaboratively edited in real time. The changes are recorded in the unlimited revision history. These tools have helped us collaborate within the teams as well as with our customers and vendors.

Other than the popular features such as robust search capabilities and thread conversation, found in the consumer version of Gmail in Google Apps for Work comes with a number of additional features as well. Depending on the plan, the tool offers 30GB or unlimited storage share with Google drive. It helps us in storing and sharing necessary data and working collaboratively on one document. Gmail makes it easier to create tasks, assign work, and coordinate with the members of the team.

Google Scripts enables us to create simple tools which add to our work efficiency and can be used for performing basic system administration tasks.

This cloud based scripting language has helped us in automating our processes. It gets executed on cloud instead of running on client and provides a hassle-free way to automate tasks across Google products as well as third party services. The tool is also used to power Add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms.

Google Apps for Work has made it easier for all of us at Brio to communicate and collaborate with coworkers. Data accessibility and sharing has also become simpler with these tools. Google Apps for Work is a cost effective way to increase efficiency and has definitely helped us grow as an organization.

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