Google Apps for Business is now Google Apps for Work

By September 9, 2014 Business, Google Apps

As a part of branding revamp of the Google enterprise, Google has announced that it has renamed its “Google Apps for Business” as Google Apps for Work. The move has been initiated in a bid to make it sound friendlier and obvious for what it actually does. This name will better describe what the product stands for—a series of tools that facilitate work, ranging from apps to cloud services.

Amit Singh, President, also predicted that renaming to “Google to Work” will make it easier to explain (and sell) to people than “some arbitrary” terminology.

Google has said that the new name aligns better with the goals. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, “We never set out to create a traditional ‘enterprise’ business.” He further added, “We wanted to create a new way of doing work.” Google has clarified that the product features are not changing as a part of this rebranding.

Google’s idea is that people should be able to connect easily to share ideas, develop them together, and get things done from anywhere. Google Apps for work will offer all that you need to work on the go. Google Docs for Work will ensure a consistent and easy experience from your laptop, smartphone, tablet and PC.

Google Apps for Work employs controls for securing your devices and data. The Google Admin for Work console that helps to manage mobile devices, email addresses, and security settings will help keep all your company data safe, centralized, and protected from common disruptions such as missing hardware or employee turnover.

With Google Apps for work, you can schedule events in Google Calendar for Work at times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail for Work inbox, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. So, you can make your meetings more productive with just one-click, less preparations and fewer complexities.

Google Apps for Work will help you create a budget tracker in Sheets for Work that you can share with teammates, save in Drive, and edit it in real-time. It’s automatically stored in Drive so everyone always has the latest version.

According to the Mountain View, California headquartered IT giant, more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are actively using Google Apps for Work, more than 30 million students, teachers, administrators are using Google Apps for Education, and more than 5 million businesses have gone Google.

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