Google Apps adoption and productivity

By December 28, 2011 January 30th, 2018 Cloud Computing, Google Apps, Hosted E-mail Solution

Users embrace new functionality with minimum distraction.

Quick innovation on cloud has distinctive advantages over on premise software. In contrast to large changes and improvements that take place for on premise software, Cloud applications such as Google Apps can deliver constant and small improvements which are easily adapted by end users. Small and frequent upgrades make change management easier. Traditional software updates are delivered once in a year or two with many improvements. This forces end users to spend considerable amount of time relearn the application. This makes the adoption of the new version more difficult. Since the users resist the adoption of newer version, users end up having different version of the same application. This make life of the IT team very difficult.

Make your workforce more productive anywhere anytime.

Traditional technology the information can be accessed in restricted effecting the productivity of your workforce. Google Apps is a web based solution which can be accessed anywhere anytime on any device by your team. Since the data is stored in Google’s cloud and not on a particular machine. Your employees get the work done faster with an internet connection which gives them access to their data. No matter your employees on the move or in the comfort of their homes they get seamless access to their data from their mobile device.

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