Efficacy Attendance and Payroll is now Perk Payroll

By July 5, 2014 June 16th, 2017 Employee Attendance, Human Resource, Leave Management, Payroll

Efficacy is now Perk Payroll

At the onset, we would like to thank all the Efficacy Online Payroll customers for choosing us. We would like to announce a change as a result of our evolution initiatives and continuous improvement efforts. Our online payroll software – Efficacy Attendance and Payroll is rechristened as Perk Payroll.

1.  What triggered the Change?

Efficacy means the capacity or power to produce a desired effect. When we named our payroll product as Efficacy Attendance and Payroll, we wanted it to meet the business needs of our customers to give the desired results. Moving on with our focus on making payroll simpler in future, we have made some changes in the application to save time and effort in using the new online payroll software.

2.  What is the Change about?

Perk signifies renewed energy and we have instilled this new energy by improving the online payroll software on the basis of customer feedback and analysis of usage patterns. With a better understanding of preferences on the users, we have made Perk Payroll navigation and classification of menu items. The reliability part comes from the aspect of data security and integrity. Perk Payroll is more reliable, simpler and easier to use than ever before with reorganized forms and processes.

3.  How does it impact our existing online payroll customers?

Perk Payroll comes as more visually soothing and has some reorganized menus for ease of access.

The new landing page for Reports makes it easier to generate and access the reports within a few clicks. Rest of it is pretty much the same. Your data is not disturbed and the change is more of cosmetic one than structural. In future, we will keep on improving Perk Payroll to enhance the benefits that you would derive and keep you posted as newer, smarter and simpler versions are rolled out for this simple & reliable online payroll.