Cloud computing and Google Apps

By November 24, 2011 February 4th, 2015 Cloud Computing, Google Apps

Google has been striving hard to take cloud computing technology to next level since more than a decade. Innovation is delivered to enterprises at a rapid pace with the feedback from more than hundreds of millions of users in real world. Google quickly learns about the new features or refine the existing features that deliver value businesses, with the help of feedback from the huge user base. These features are delivered to enterprise customers with in no time.

Increase productivity with rapid access to innovation

Google’s infrastructure design and web has been the crux to deliver innovation at a faster pace. Multi-tenant infrastructure helps Google deliver improvements to the entire customer base in short durations. With efficient systems to distribute updates Google can deliver new features and functionality on weekly basis or even less. With more than 100 improvements made to Google enterprise products in 2009, customers were not concerned about these updates and patches. These updates are very short compared to the industry standards where traditional servers are updated every four to six years. The reason being long delays in releasing the enhanced versions by the software vendor.

Google applications are browser based, which is the main factor to deliver innovation at unprecedented pace. All the updates are available to the users by just refreshing the browser. These application are also available on mobile devices, leading to more productivity due the fact that they are accessed anywhere anytime from any device. With traditional software that are installed on local machines it will a labor and money consuming affair to frequently upgrade all the clients so that the users get access to latest features.

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