Benefits of Online Employees Leave Management System

By May 29, 2014 August 14th, 2019 Employee Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll

It can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming for managers to handle employees leaves, process the leave information of each employee and to ensure adherence of the company leave policy. Leave applications invariably have to be handled on a daily basis and the procedure of processing them involves looking into the employee leave history, that is leaves utilized by the employee in a given period and the available leaves for future.

online leave management

Switching to online leave management system can be a simpler and faster way to make leave management easier for HR managers. Granting or denying leave requests can be just a click away and the process would bring in transparency and adherence to an organization’s leave policy.

Here are a few benefits of online leave management system that can help you make the decision to go for the transition:

  1. Precise and accurate information: With an operational online leave system, you can access accurate information about employees’ leaves and number of leaves taken by them, leave trends, and leave balances instantaneously. This makes the process a single-step procedure rather than manually flipping through the leave register pages to cull out the required information. With the online leave management system being integrated with an online payroll software, it becomes easiest to generate accurate payslips, kicking off a number of benefits in succession.

  2. Transparency: With all the information available online to employees as well as their managers, the leave system becomes all the more transparent. The employees get access to their leave history and leave balance and the manager too has access to the same. Therefore leave approval or rejection becomes more transparent.

  3. Leave policy awareness: The system can easily convey leave policy pertaining to maximum / minimum number of leave permissible, holiday calendar management according to location, number of days required before applying for planned or long leave. Employees can, at any time, refer to the leave policy before applying for vacation days.

  4. Assures compliance to leave policy: The online leave management system, customized as per the company’s leave policy can ensure compliance with the company’s leave policy as it will use the inherent rules that will not allow employees or managers to bypass rules or use favoritism while applying for or approving leaves.

  5. Visibility of employee availability: For managers, it is very important to know the availability of  team members to meet the project deadlines. With online leave management, the leave trend and the leave data of employees is easily accessible to help them in approving or rejecting a leave request during crucial project delivery times without wasting time.

  6. Adherence to law:  Every country has labor laws governing employee leaves. And it is crucial for the employer to adhere by the law of the land that lays down the rights of the employees pertaining to their leaves. Failing to comply with the complex legal requirements may lead to liability for the company. This can be avoided easily with the implementation of online leave system which adheres to the local applicable laws as well.

  7. Implements discipline:  The online leave management is a transparent system which adheres to company leave policy and the local labor laws. The employees and the managers can use the system without any shades of gray. Providing an easy access to personal leave history and leave availability can improve accuracy and build discipline in an organization. As a result, better employee attendance can also be expected as the employees will be well aware of the consequences of not adhering to the company leave policy.

The benefits enumerated above are indicative of technological advancements in workforce management, which have replaced old traditions of using registers or maintaining spreadsheets on standalone machines. These modern processes help in saving time and money in a fast paced business environment where simpler and quicker processes rule over the complicated old management systems.