Perk Online Payroll Features

Perk Online payroll software is an easy, reliable, and effective solution through which businesses can manage payroll and attendance online. It is easy to understand, does not require regular maintenance and gives you the freedom to run your payroll from anywhere. It comes with the following features.

Personnel Management

Complete employee information at your fingertips. Manage & access all the vital data you need to know about your employees online. Maintain & tracks employee information about your current employees and those employees who have left your organization.

Perk Online Payroll software makes it easier for you to maintain and track employee information for your current as well as former employees.

  • Captures statutory information, personal information, and contact information of the employees.
  • Makes it easier for you to search what you are looking for
  • Automates employee code generation
  • Keeps a record of date of joining, date of leaving, probation date
  • Manages reporting structure

Online Payroll

A Cloud Payroll Software you and your employees can trust. Generate and share payslips accurately in few clicks. Employees are very responsive to errors in payroll. Timely & accurate payroll payments are vital to keep morale high among the employees.

Payroll is crucial for a company for a number of reasons. Payroll and payroll taxes affect the bottom lines of your business, employees are very alert when it comes to errors in payroll and timely and accurate payroll payments are encouraging for the employees. Generating and sharing payslips is easy with the reliable perk payroll online software. It also helps you to:

  • Define your earnings, deductions and other salary heads
  • Process payroll with a few clicks
  • Add new data/perform bulk updates using Microsoft Excel
  • Keeps a record of date of joining, date of leaving, probation date
  • Create multiple salary structures and add ad-hoc earning/ deductions for a particular month

Time & Attendance

Attendance integrated with payroll. Use built in simple to use attendance feature or integrate your time recorders. Perk online payroll software provides all the tools your time keeping and personnel department needs to manage employee time and attendance.

Proper maintenance of time and attendance of employees helps prevent decrease in productivity and rising financial and administrative costs. Perk Online Payroll software comes with all the tools required by your time-keeping and personnel department in order to manage employee time and attendance. Attendance integrated with payroll avoids delays and errors in processing. Perk Payroll Online software helps you to:

  • Generate payrolls based of employees’ time cards
  • Import attendance from Microsoft Excel
  • Update attendance data faster with bulk attendance updating tool
  • Gives you options to record attendance at various levels, daily check-in/ check-out timings

Employee Self Service

Now your employees can access all the information they need 24x7x365 from anywhere any device. Unlike any on premise salary software it allows HR to focus on core issues rather than focusing on daily mundane non strategic tasks.

Perk Online Employee Self Service (ESS) makes it possible for you to access all the information anytime, from anywhere and from any device. Your employees, especially the HR department, will not have to waste hours in searching for information. Therefore they will have more time to focus on the core issues of the organisation. Perk ESS on cloud is an eco-friendly service as it helps your team to collaborate well without using any paperwork. The employee self-service enables the employees to:

  • View information and update details
  • View payslips and statutory deductions
  • Participate in opinion polls
  • Submit savings and investment details for taxation
  • View latest news, announcements

Leave Management

Manage online, all the leave applications, leave approvals & leave accumulations, with email notifications. Leave request that comply with the leave policy set by your organization are only accepted by the system, making it easy to implement your leave policies.
Leave Management

Perk Payroll’s Online Leave Management allows you to manage leave applications, leave approvals and leave accumulations online. The system also accepts the leave requests that comply with the policies of your organization. Unlike the traditional system, Perk Payroll’s Online Leave Management makes the leave process simple and less time consuming. Notable features of this system are:

  • Employees can apply for leave online from anywhere and at anytime
  • Leave approver is provided with all the information.
  • Leave management is integrated with attendance management
  • Notifications are sent over email
  • Bulk update tools to accumulate leaves

Statutory Compliances

Perk Online Payroll Software helps to keep you compliant with the rules and regulations related with PF, PT, ESI, TDS and other business laws. It will take care of your deductions, withholding and contributions under laws that are applicable for your organization.

In case of changes, the rules in the application are updated. Perk Payroll Statutory modules offer you the following features:

Income Tax/ Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

  • Gives you an easy to use web-based tax declaration form to collect employee tax planning data
  • Considers salary projections to arrive at total tax
  • Takes PT and provident information automatically
  • Calculates TDS through simple process
  • Facilitates tax deduction after TDS calculation automatically
  • Generates Form 16, Form 12BA
  • Allows recording the perquisites for employees for Form 12BA

Professional Tax (PT)

  • PT deduction summary report for specified period
  • Generate return to be submitted to professional tax authorities
  • Mark an employee eligible for PT deduction
  • Option to consider salary head for PT calculation

Provident fund -PF

  • Generates ECR files, which can be uploaded on EPFO employer e-sewa portal
  • Option to make an employee eligible or ineligible for PF
  • Set PF salary limit at employee level.

Employee State Insurance (ESI)

  • Generates monthly contribution file for online upload
  • Mark employees as eligible or ineligible for ESI
  • Automatically considers employee for ESI deduction and ESI period even if the employees cross ESI salary limit.
  • Option to consider or not consider a salary head for ESI calculation

Loan Management

Loan Management

Perk Online Payroll makes it easier to manage the employee loans and advances. The loan management feature comes integrated with the Perk online payroll management software. If keeping track of your employees loans, advances and their timely deductions is a challenge for you. Perk Online Payroll has a simple yet effective solution for you. This simple, easy to use loan management feature enables you to:

  • Tracking of loans & advances for your employees
  • Automatic scheduling of deductions based on EMI and recovery date
  • Reports on outstanding amounts and recoveries
  • Detailed loan statements
  • Records of loan adjustments


Several businesses need to maintain multiple calendars for the employees. This happens in the case of an organization that operates from multiple locations in different states or countries where the Holiday lists and events may vary for each location. Perk Online Payroll enables you to define multiple calendars. With the help of this software, you may:

  • Share holiday list with the employees
  • Define certain holiday as optional so that employees have to request before taking an off on these holidays.


Sharing announcements and news is just a few clicks away with Perk Online Payroll. Unlike sharing news and announcements through traditional ways such as emails or printed paper, Perk Online payroll makes the process really easy and quick. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML to create formatted news and announcements. The software allows you to:

  • decide the duration for which you are willing to have the announcements
  • provide links to relevant information in these links

User Management

Data security is perhaps one of the main concerns every organization has. The IT administrator has to take care of a really challenging task of providing access of right information to the right people. With the help of Perk Online Payroll, you can easily manage your user base and control information accessible to the users. Perk online payroll gives you:

  • Comprehensive features to manage user base
  • Bulk assigning of roles to users
  • Allows you to import data from Microsoft Excel to add/update existing users
  • Allows you to use predefined roles or define your customized roles