An online payroll system works for you 24×7. An Employee Self Service portal empowers HR and employees.

At Brio, we have worked with businesses across India – Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities. We’ve spent hours and hours extensively researching the expectations and challenges around payroll management for business owners, Finance & Accounting experts, and HR Managers.

Experience the benefits of Perk – Your Simple & Reliable Online Salary Software.

With Perk Payroll, we give you just what you need for efficient, accurate and secure payroll management – with a few add-ons requested by customers.

Enhanced productivity

Eliminate repetitive mundane tasks such as recording employee time and attendance, managing leave records, and computing salaries every month. Automate data capture, customize workflows and get results.


100% statutory compliance

Don’t be reactive. Be on top of changing taxation rules, regional and national policies on organizational payouts, etc. Be proactive with a tool that stays updated, keeps you and your business healthy and safe.


Higher focus on business

Unburden your HR and Finance teams. Let them focus on employee engagement, talent management, assessments, audits, and other elements of strategic business growth.


Lowered TCO

No upfront investment. No maintenance fee. Pay as you grow and stay updated. Save money and time to invest in business-centric goals.


Scale effortlessly

Use what you need on Perk software. Buy more licenses as needed. Scale up or down without worries and hassles.

vendor lock

No vendor lock-in

We want you with us because you’re satisfied and happy. If your needs grow beyond Perk, feel free to switch. We’ll help you on.


Get the best experience

We love technology so our solutions always use the best. Experience the best with timely software updates that assure optimal performance and user experience.


Be accessible to employees

A cloud based payroll solution means 24×7 freedom for teams, managers, senior leaders, HR and Finance teams. Get things done from anytime, anywhere, any device.


Go Green

Enable environment-friendly practices by limiting the use of paper, printing and fuel for unnecessary travel. Save resources and help our planet stay green.