Online Leave software helps analyse employee’s leave trends

By June 24, 2015 January 30th, 2018 Employee Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll

Employees are the productive assets of an organization. However, increased absenteeism adversely hits the profitability of an enterprise, irrespective of whether it is a small and medium enterprise (SME) or a big corporate house.

Take the case of an employee working on a highly critical project, wherein the project deliverables have to be delivered to the client on a weekly basis. All of a sudden, the respective employee goes on leave citing some personal reasons. Now, the company is faced with a catch-22 situation wherein it does not know how to meet the project deadline with no available resource as a backup. As a consequence, the project deliverables are either delayed or they are delivered on time albeit with compromises on quality. In turn, it is likely to impact the company’s name and reputation with the client. At times, the word might go across the specific market segment of company’s business line.


To minimise the instances of employee absenteeism leading to declined productivity and adverse hit on company’s image in its segment of operation, some concrete steps must be taken to ensure the availability of resources for critical deliveries. Keeping a record of employee’s leave trends could be a starting point to study the leave patterns before planning for back-up resources.

Analysis of the leave trends will help the enterprise to learn about the leave patterns of the respective employees. Studying the leave patterns of an employee over a period of time will give the company an insight into when the chances of that employee going on leave are the highest.

However, keeping track of leave trends of the employees on an excel spreadsheet through charts such as line charts and column charts, diagrams and tables is tedious, time-taking and more vulnerable to making mistakes.

To make optimal utilization of time, efforts and enhance productivity of the employees in the human resource department, the business houses are migrating to online leave management software.

Online leave software will free the enterprises of the hassles related with analysing the employee’s leave patterns manually or through excel spreadsheets. Such a software application will allow the human resource employees to know during which months, absenteeism rates are high and when attendance at the workplace is maximum. Generally, it is observed that most of the employees take leave during festivals and also when a working day falls between holidays so that they can plan a long vacation with their family and friends. In companies where the employee’s current leave balance lapses at the end of the calendar year or the financial year, the employees often go on leave around that time to exhaust their remaining leave balance.

A robust, cloud-based leave management software will let the employees generate reports and dashboards, which will shed light on the frequency of leave that each employee avails. It shows the days when absenteeism is high in almost all the verticals of the enterprise. For instance, Monday and Friday in a business operating five days a week, or Saturday in other cases, may record the maximum number of absentees with employees enjoying an extended weekend.

The leave software will allow the employees in the HR division to predict whether the respective employee generally goes on a one-day leave, three-four days leave or a period of leave stretching beyond one week.

With all the employee leave information (leave balance, frequency of taking leave, number of leave taken in that particular month) at one place, the human resource employees can come to know when two or more employees working in the same project are going on leave around the same time. In this case, they can talk to the employees in question and come up with a solution in the best interest of the employees, also falling in line with the organization’s objectives.

Using the leave management software, the HR employees can conduct a comparative analysis of the leave availed by the employees working in different departments at different times of the year.

Online leave software helps the employees in the HR department know the frequency of leave taken by employees sitting in other locations in the country, with the organization having their business operations spread across different zones.

The leave trend analysis is done with 100 percent precision and the chances of errors are negligible with a reliable payroll and leave management system.

Online leave software has made it simple and easy for the enterprises to monitor the leave trends of the employees, helping the enterprise meet its strategic objectives by leveraging on the available headcount information. As a result, the organization’s productivity, revenue accruing from sales and also customer service will improve considerably, helping to win the clients’ confidence unmistakably.

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