Walk through the role-based demo of Online Perk Cloud Based Payroll Software for Indian SMBs

If you’ve not checked out the demo of Perk Payroll yet, head to the bottom of this page for the video. Then, log into Online Perk as an administrator, a manager or a regular employee. Once you click on the Login button on this page, you’ll be taken to the the login page for Perk. Below the login box, you’ll find a video that guides you through the process. Be sure to watch it to make the process seamless and straightforward. Once you’re in, dive into Perk! It’s populated with data from a Demo Company so you get a hang of what goes where. Have fun!

Here’s what you get with each role



Admin is the top lever user.

  • Complete access to all data, features and screens
  • User management – deny or authorize rights to online payroll data
  • Restrict device access – from which employees can access payroll data
manager tie


Manager is the second level user.

  • Complete access to features and screens
  • Limited access to data – only of employees reporting to him or her.


Employee is the third level user.

  • Complete access to his or her own payroll data.
  • Editing rights for his or her employee record (which must pass approval per policy).

Perk Online Payroll Introduction