Perk up your payroll

Simple & reliable cloud payroll for Indian businesses
Delight your employees every payday

Get rolling with a cloud based payroll software that’s secure, scalable and maintenance-free. Make your employees smile with timely, accurate paychecks

Manage your attendance and payroll anytime, anywhere. Never miss tax deadlines.
Rest easy with assured compliance to country & state regulations. Empower employees with ESS.

Know Your Perk Online Payroll Salary Software


Simple Employee Records Management for HR

Personnel records, organizational hierarchies, salary structure, real time status – capture it all through Perk Payroll in bulk or one time mode. Maintain and track records of past and current employees.


Automated Time & Attendance Management

Attendance registers, biometric or RFID time recorders, door access control or other software – Perk fits in with all time and attendance recording systems seamlessly. Accurate collection ensures assure accurate payroll generation.


Streamlined Leave Management Per Policy

Enable leave requests through the online leave management software. Automate leave approvals based on workflow rules, company policy, type of leave, leave balance, etc. Save time and effort & focus on business-centric tasks.


24×7 Employee Self Service (ESS) Platform

Reduce HR’s workload by providing employees a 24×7 online ESS. Employees can view their records, submit requests, check status, search the employee database, access policy documentation, take polls and even get internal news/updates.


Quick and Accurate Salary Generation

Inaccurate collection and processing of employee information can prove costly – in terms of employee relationships, governance & bottom line. Perk covers every aspect of payroll generation without making the process look complex.


100% Statutory Compliance

Perk ensures all deductions and contributions (IT, PF, ESI) per state and central laws for single or multi-branch companies. The payroll software keeps up with changes in laws so your business is compliant at all times.


Efficient Loan Disbursal to Employees

Perk makes management of loan and advance disbursal, deductions, tracking, and statement generation a breeze. Automated scheduling and deductions make the process hassle-free and transparent for you and employees.


Simple, Reliable & User-friendly

Considering the complexity of the multiple workflows handled by Perk, you’d think it’d be complex to learn. You’re wrong. We have taken exceptional care to keep the interface intuitive, clean & exactly what you need to get work done.

Watch this video on Perk Online Payroll Software

Relax on month ends. Let Perk Online Payroll Software do hard work


Work smarter

Automate mundane tasks. Increase time spent on business strategic tasks. Enable your employees & HR for higher business results.


Simplify complexity

Pay employees accurately and on time to boost their confidence in the company. Detect issues on Perk and handle them proactively.


Stay ahead, stay safe

Stay constantly updated on the cloud with Perk. And always conform to statutory guidelines around payroll.


Feel relaxed

Let Perk do its job. We’ve got your back when it comes to updates, course corrections, and all you need for smooth payroll processing.


Save money, get agile

A cloud based subscription model means no upfront bulk costs, lower TCO. Updates are rolled out without added maintenance costs. And you scale up or down per need.


Optimize resources

Enable online workflows with Perk. Save on printing costs, labor, and loads of time with automated online processes.


Be accessible to staff

With Online Perk, your employees, HR and Payroll departments can access important information & work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is after all a 24×7 world!


Don’t get boxed

We don’t use complexity as an excuse to force you to stay. Move to another vendor easily, no vendor lock-in contracts.



Have a problem with payroll? Get in touch and we’ll handle it for you. We’re trusted partners, not providers.

Online Payroll Software Vs Desktop Payroll Software Vs Excel Payroll

Particulars Online Payroll Desktop Payroll Excel Payroll
Wasting time in Installation No Yes Yes
Painful Upgrades Not required, you are always on latest with Online Payroll. Manual Manual
Regular Maintenance No Required Required
Data backups Responsibility Vendor Your’'s Your’s
Multi User Yes Restricted Restricted
Access on Web Anywhere, anytime with online payroll software Use virtualization softwares Use Virtualization softwares
Access to employees via ESS Yes Yes / Restricted Not possible
24 * 7 access Yes Restricted Restricted
Payment Pay as you use Upfront None
Vendor Locking, what if the software does not fit your requirement or you got another viable options. No Yes Yes
Copy Paste Errors No No Yes
Clerical Errors No No Yes
Statutory Upgrades Automatic Manual Manual
Setup No expertise No expertise Excel / and other statutory expertise required
Location Scalability Very Easy Difficult Excel / and other statutory expertise required
Security High Average Low
CAPEX – Capital Expenditure None Yes Yes
OPEX – Operational Expenditure Yes Yes No